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Proven and Tested at a Katrina Shelter
SoftCare was designed and implemented at one of the Katrina disaster shelters in the Dallas area for the evacuees who required medical treatment and other health-related services during their stay there. 
United Families
As the evacuees moved from the shelter to private homes or local hospitals, their location and contact information was input into the database.  This enabled several families to be reunited with their loved ones.
Monitored Outbreaks
It also allowed public health professionals to monitor the threat of potential disease outbreaks in the surrounding population. 
Electronic Data Sharing
Doctors, nurses, emergency response professionals, and volunteers were all trained quickly and efficiently on how to record data for the care that was provided to the victims.  Patient status and treatment information, including a history of dispensed medication and prescription drugs were also recorded for patients and easily available to healthcare providers.
FEMA & CDC Support
SoftCare provided secure web-based access to critically sensitive patient information including FEMA numbers and private health insurance.  Reports of statistical information for symptoms, treatment, and demographics of the shelter population were readily and immediately available.

Be prepared for Emergency Response and Routine Care
SoftCare provides healthcare professionals with a consistent, organized way to manage patient information and gives them a systematic approach to detect early outbreaks and coordinate response.

With SoftCare you can add multiple facilities regardless of physical location, upload large patient databases, and record diagnosis and treatments.

Since SoftCare is a secure, web-based application, authorized users from multiple facilities have access to the data immediately in real-time. You can also manage every day, routine patient care in the same easy way.
Our clients enjoy how quick and easy it is to record, store and retrieve patient diagnosis and treatment information, including uploading charts and forms. Report by symptom, rather than chief complaint enables healthcare teams to realistically view what's occurring within their patient population.

Added features that SoftCare clients appreciate are the ability to add treatments with ICD 9 Codes, assign patients to a particular facility, bed, or room number and assign patients a status according to the urgency of their condition. SoftCare is easy to implement and easy to learn, which allows facilities to be prepared and able to train staff and volunteers quickly in an emergency situation.

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